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Whenever I think about the squat jump all I can think of this is the absolute BURN you get when performing this exercise. When you want to increase intensity in your workout, the squat jump is one of the best! It gets your heart rate up like no other and it’s a one way ticket to powerful, toned legs.

Now going back to part 1 of our fundamental exercise series we do here at Body Blitz personal training studio down at Girraween just over from Greystanes. We talked about the squat and how it uses all the major muscle in your legs and just how beneficial it is to your lower body. Now it’s time to add some POWER!

How to –

1. Start with your feet in your just outside your hips (Squat Position).

2. While maintaining a tall chest place your hands out in front of your body. Push the hips back and letting the knees travel forward coming down as low as you can go.

3. Then with as much power as you can muster push your feet into the ground by extending both knees and hips.

4. As your toes reconnect with the ground start bending the hips and knee ready for the next rep.

*Tips – Try to maintain an upright chest the whole time, the more upright the chest the less pressure on your lower back.

(NOTE – When performing the squat jump heels and toes should stay on the ground during the squat portion of the exercise. The longer the whole foot stays on the ground the more power and less knee pain you’ll experience.)


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