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Some of you may have never heard of this exercise before and in my opinion is a very over-looked exercise, particularly when it comes to a Boot Camp setting. This exercise targets the muscles in the upper back along with the biceps. And is a perfect beginner exercise for those looking to master chin-ups.

With most Boot Camp’s they are limited for space and equipment. But as we are one of the original providers to the Girraween and Greystanes area, we have had 10 years to fine tune and work out how to implement exercise to cover all aspects. It really comes down to more muscles worked leads to more calories burned which is the ultimate way to burn fat and stay lean.

How to –

1. Lying down with your chest directly under a railing or bar.

2. Hands on the bar in an over-grip position, legs out straight.

3. Bend at your elbow, trying to pull your chest to the bar.

4. Once you have reached as high as you can, slowly extend out and return to starting position.

*Tips – try to maintain a straight back, don’t dip or drop at the hips.

(NOTE – if you are finding the exercise too difficult with a straight leg, simply bend at the knee bringing your feet flat on the ground. This will take some weight off your arms and make the movement easier.)

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