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Friday, 22 April 2016 12:11

Train and don't "workout"

If you struggle finding motivation to exercise or lack consistency you need to stop working out and start training!

What's the difference you might ask?! Well if you're working out you're just going through the motions and effectively wasting your time. You might be putting in effort but without direction you're not going anywhere. Training implies you are training for something. So set yourself a training goal, whether it’s fitness based or strength based, it doesn't matter but should matter to you. Pick something you would like to improve on or wish you could do and work towards it. Set up a plan to achieve your training goal and work towards it. Having something to aim for while exercising will help you stay focused and improve your determination like nothing else. And all the positive physical changes will be an added bonus.

At BodyBlitzPT we do just that, goal set, come up with a personalized plan and help you achieve it!


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