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Range of motion

Range of motion is one of the most important parts of training. Range of motion refers to moving/having full movement in your joints through flexion and extension when performing an exercise. Having full range of motion in a squat for example is making sure the hips go just below or beyond the knees. Why do we want to make sure we perform our exercises through a full range of motion? Because you will receive the most benefit out of the exercise, you are using all the muscles in that movement to their full potential and using every fibre in those muscles to in turn get you stronger or just become more efficient in that lift.

Now I see too many people cutting all their reps short on their squats, shoulder press, deadlift etc. this is one of the worst things you can do when training, not only do you not get the full benefit of the exercise you also in the long term can shorten your muscles to where they can’t perform the full range of motion. Those cases are rare because you would have to be cutting your range of motion really short and be doing it repeatedly for a number of months. Also by cutting your range of motion short you are losing strength in that part of the movement. For example, in a shoulder press if you constantly don’t bring the bar/dumbbells all the way down to your shoulders and you stop at your eyes or your nose, that bottom portion of the movement will have a dramatic drop on strength.

Using the full range of motion is extremely important when performing exercises at high intensity, say in a Bootcamp for example. When you are in a Bootcamp class the weights that are used are typically light, this makes it easy to cheat the full range of motion because you are trying to move as fast as you can through the reps to either beat someone or just finish it. Now my advice for these people would be to slow down your reps and make sure you are moving through that full range of motion. It’s better to move that little bit slower to get the greater range of motion and perform the exercise correctly.

Now in terms of strength training, when you are loading a barbell or plate machine to be close to your max weight, it is very important to perform the movement through its full range. If full extension or flexion in the movement is not achieved there will be a very noticeable strength reduction and not to mention risk of injury.

So in short, if you’re looking to improve your strength or lose weight, use a full range of motion. The greater the range of movement, the more muscle fibres that are recruited, the more calories your body will burn the better your results will be!

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