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Jack Knives, just as bad as it sounds… This ab movement is one of the best for targeting all your ab muscles to give you the burn we all know you desire. The Jack Knife is one of the more advanced ab movements because it consists of a lot more co-ordination then a lot of other ab exercises.

At Body Blitz Personal Training Studio in Girraween just over from Greystanes we use the Jack Knife with all our Bootcamp members to elect a different response to any other ab exercise. This movement differs from other ab exercises because of the way you need to use your lower abs in conjunction with your upper.

How to –

1. Lying on your back with arms stretched over your head and legs flat on the ground.

2. Start the movement by moving your hands down towards your legs while simultaneously bending your legs back towards your body.

3. Continue bringing your feet up to your body, until you are sitting up with your knees at your chest and your hands by your feet.

4. To finish the movement we need to move back to our starting position. This is done by extending your arms over your head and extending your legs out straight until you are laying down with your arms over your head and your legs out straight.

*Tips – Try initiating the movement with your arms slightly before moving your legs, this will make sure you’re sitting upright and not end up on your back.


Make sure you lower back stays flat on the ground, if at where you are at the point in the movement where your back is coming off the ground and you still have an arch in your back, you may experience some pain.

* If you’re having trouble with this movement we suggest perfecting your sit-up first before moving to this movement.



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