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Where to from here? Life after the Shape Up Challenge

Congratulations on everyone for their efforts in the Shape Up Buddy Challenge. 5 weeks of following an eating plan, submitting nutrition diaries, check-ins and hard work at the gym has paid off with many great results. But, where to from here? Do we revert to our 'pre-challenge' ways? How can we keep our hard-earned results? Here are 3 tips to help you in life post-weight loss challenge.

1. Think about what you enjoyed about the challenge.
Reflect on the challenge and think about what you can be taking away from the experience. You have experienced a version of a 'healthier' lifestyle, but what are you happy to make a permanent change in your own life? What principles can you apply? Will you keep up your frequency of exercise? Will you keep the meal structure that you've had in the last few weeks?

2. Make at least one permanent change.
A 'challenge' gets results, but often we think about how hard it was to keep on track and right when it ends, we fall back into old habits. When we try to change too much too soon, it gets thrown in the 'too hard basket' and it becomes easier not to change. Set yourself a goal that you would like to incorporate into your life, even if it is something simple like 'I will always have 2 pieces of fruit each day.' A step in a healthier direction is better than no step at all.

3. Get help to keep accountable
Telling someone (maybe your buddy) what you would like to change helps to keep you accountable. If you have nobody to tell, we at the gym are always free to listen. Make sure whoever you tell will regularly ask you if you have been staying on track with your goal until it becomes a permanent habit. Remember, it takes on average 66 days to develop a new habit, so stick with it!

If you are struggling to keep accountable, not sure what kind of goals you can set, or want extra help with your diet or nutrition, consider booking in a nutritional consult with Ryan our Body Blitz dietitian at our Girraween location today!


Our Thursday 5.30 class getting into some ab work before a big session to follow!

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