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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 07:21

The FIT Principles

How much exercise is enough? How hard do I have to exercise? What kind of exercise do I need to be doing? Questions like these can be answered by explaining the FIT principles. FIT stands for frequency, intensity and time. You may have heard of these before but this article aims to break these principles down into bite-size pieces of knowledge for you to apply to your own exercise.

Frequency – The ‘how often’ of exercise. Basically, the volume of exercise that we are doing in terms of how many sessions you are doing.

Intensity – How hard is the exercise you are doing? A casual stroll to the park may be defined as a ‘low’ intensity exercise. A power walk may be a ‘moderate’ intensity exercise and a run would be considered a ‘vigorous’ intensity.

Time – How long are you spending doing the exercise? If you do one of our group classes, that would be approximately 60 minutes or 30 minutes if you do one of our personal training sessions.

On their own, the 3 parts that make up the FIT principles are simple concepts, but how do they all work together?

Finding the right exercise for you involves finding your ‘FIT’ in a delicate balancing act. Think of exercise as a large pie. The FIT principles separates the whole pie into 3 pieces. Increasing the size of one slice of pie will decrease the size of the others.

If we increase our Frequency – the number of occasions we exercise each week, the shorter each sessions can be. Conversely, if we increase the time that we spend on each occasion exercising, the less occasions of exercise we need.

For example, the current exercise guidelines suggest that we should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise.

If we choose to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, this can be done in 2 x 75 minute sessions or 5 x 30 minute sessions. Either option equates to 150 minutes of exercise.

When we add the last FIT principle – Intensity, this also changes the time and frequency. If we choose the ‘vigorous’ option, the exercise guidelines suggest a minimum of 75 minutes i.e. half the time of the moderately intense option. Basically, the harder the exercise, the shorter the amount of time we need to be exercising! If you have limited time to be exercising, make sure you are exercising hard.


If you need help finding your ‘FIT’, make sure to see one of us at our Girraween location today.

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