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Friday, 14 October 2016 13:37

Feeling good about Fruit - Part 1

Fruit, unlike its counterpart vegetables are eaten by most Australian’s at least once a day. The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest that we have 2 serves of fruit each day (equivalent of about 2 medium sized pieces of fruit). They are nutritious, low in energy and high in nutrients such as potassium, fibre and vitamins and phytochemicals, meaning they help to keep our body functioning healthily.

Commonly asked questions:

Fruit contains sugar, so does that mean they are bad for me?

Fruits contain natural sugars which are metabolised slightly differently in the body, especially when combined with fibre. They also don’t contain a large amount of sugar, so the benefits that It provides, such as helping to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and some cancers, definitely outweigh the presence of it natural sugars. Besides, having sugar in the diet is not bad. Too much sugar in the diet is bad.

Can I have canned or frozen fruit?

Canned or frozen fruits are as nutritious as their fresh counterparts and have been packaged as such for our convenience. If you do pick a canned fruit, make sure that they are packed in their own fruit juice – not with added sugars or syrup.

Are dried fruits bad?

Not necessarily bad. Dried fruit contains the same nutrients as when they are fresh in terms of vitamins and nutrients. However, drying fruit does concentrate them into little bite sized pieces, meaning that we can easily overeat them if we are not aware. A serving is equivalent to a handful or about 30 grams. This is about 4 dried dates (not a whole lot).


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