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Staying healthy over the holiday season

In the blink of an eye, holiday season is upon us again and with it the work parties, celebrations with friends, family and colleagues and for many, some ‘holiday weight’. It is understandable that most people will likely indulge a little over these few weeks, but how can we stay realistic and true to our training goals?

Get back on track as soon as possible.

Don’t let the ‘holiday season’ start 3 weeks before Christmas and end in February. Set yourself the days that you will indulge, be it your week on holidays, the few days leading up to Christmas or only on days that you have special events. On days when there is nothing on, try to be active – go for a walk, a hike, a swim or do a workout and eat your normal healthy diet.

Be mindful of portions at special events

One of the defining characteristics of the holiday season is the immense amounts of foods that are available at family festivities or work functions. Pick and choose what you are going to eat. Don’t deny yourself the luxury of trying everything, but don’t have large amounts of food. Opt to fill up your plate with healthy foods and a small portion of the unhealthy to treat yourself. Be mindful of soft drinks and alcohol too. They have calories too!

Look out for what’s in your cupboard or pantry

Many people seem to stock up on the unhealthy snacks during this time for their guests and visitors. Make sure they are gone by the time your visitors leave or you will end up eating all the leftover snacks you bought for everyone else!

Cook at home where possible

The festive season is also a time where we seem to eat out a little more frequently. Try where possible to cook up a storm at home. At least you are in control of the portions and the ingredients. It will likely save you some coin too!


That said, make sure to enjoy yourself, enjoy food and enjoy the company of family and friends over this holiday season. Make sure you squeeze in a good workout where you can too!

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