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How to stay active on your days off

Feel like you’ve got your Monday-Friday exercise and food regime under control only to have it fall apart on the weekend or on your days off? Here are some of our tips to staying active away from the gym, to help you continue to reach your goals, or minimise the damage when you stray!

1. Go for a walk or jog

Walking and jogging is free, good for you and can assist with helping your muscles recover after a hard week of training. Feeling sore or stiff? Light exercise can help us recover more quickly and helps to reduce the damage from an indulgent day of eating or drinking. Win win. You don’t have to go far, even a 30 min walk around the local neighbourhood is better than nothing at all.

2. Cycle

Cycling is a relatively inexpensive way to keep active during the weekends and can be a good family activity too. Grab the bikes, pack a healthy lunch and take the family out for a day at the park. Inexpensive, fun and the kids will be happy too.

3. Swim

If you’re lazy to drive, make a day of going to the local pool. Soak up some sun and get active in the water. Otherwise, if you prefer the beach, that is also a good option. You don’t have to swim laps, but being out and about is likely better than being inactive at home where you can constantly go to the cupboard.

4. Hike

There are literally hundreds of different trails and walks that you can do in and around Sydney. Pop on the trainers, grab a hat, sunscreen and some water and head out to a trail. Depending where you go, there are some great places to explore and great views to be seen. Take the kids a long to keep them active too! (and away from their iPads)

5. Housework

Last but not least, housework, be it gardening, vacuuming, mopping or car-washing are all ways to make sure you’re not sitting at home doing nothing. It’s definitely the least exciting thing on the list, but it means you’ll probably finish off what you’ve been meaning to do for months (hello overdue car wash) and is better for your lifestyle than sitting around.


One final tip – plan ahead. Just like with your food, not planning ahead will likely result in you doing nothing at all and sitting at home watching TV and eating chocolate. Look at the weather for the weekend a few days in advance so you can plan where you want to go and what you want to do. This can be the difference between a weekend lifestyle that stunts or reverses the efforts you put in during the week and a lifestyle that gets you closer to your exercise goals.

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