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6 reasons you should be foam rolling

Foam rolling is a technique for treating pain and loss of movement in a skeletal muscle by making the affected muscles relax, thereby improving the circulation of blood and lymph and also simultaneously stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, and also stretching the affected muscles. It is employed as an alternative medicine approach by enthusiastic athletes and physical therapists and athletes to promote and facilitate recovery of the muscles. Foam rollers are very cost effective and tends to be more convenient to carry out than deep tissue massages. The technique has become increasingly notable as further findings shows the many benefits of the technique in muscle recovery.

Some benefits of Foam Rolling:

Loosens up the muscles – Not carrying out any kind of stretching exercise like foam rolling before performing a workout exercise will likely bring about feelings of tightness and loss of movement in the muscles and this result to inability to carry out the workout session effectively and inability to apply the necessary intensity that will get to the target muscles. When this becomes the case, foam rolling is very efficient in relaxing the muscles before embarking on a workout session to ensure a more effective exercise outing.

Prevents Occurrence of Injury – The feeling that comes with loosening tight and weak or immovable muscles by way of foam is almost synonymous to the level of relief that comes with a deep tissue massage because of the foam rolling principle which involves pressing the whole of the body weight against the roll and also ensuring some good amount of pressure is directed to the muscle.

Decreases Soreness: Foam rolling technique has the advantage of reducing the chances of muscle soreness by promoting and facilitating flexibility and increasing the blood circulation. Foam rolling can be effective in decreasing muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.

More Cost Effective: Foam rolling is similar to going to a massage therapist to get a deep tissue massage without the price tag. Obviously you have to do the work though!

Returns Lactic Acid Return to the Body: In cases of prolonged and tedious exercise sessions, the body builds up a substance called the lactic acid or lactate. Lactic acid buildup more often than not brings about cramps and the earlier stages of fatigue, more especially after long duration exercise. Foam rolling practices help accelerate and facilitate the body’s effort in breaking down lactic acid after a workout session.

Promotes Nutrient Exchange: Foam rolling practices promotes blood and lymph circulation and by so doing nutrients from food intake and waste products of metabolism are exchanged more efficiently at the cellular level of existence, thereby bringing about overall improvement cellular function.


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