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As a trainer of more than 12 years and one of the founders of Body Blitz Personal Training Studio we have been providing Boot Camp to the Girraween and Greystanes area for the better part of 10 years. And with every year that goes by a new exercise trend comes and goes but the one that has been a constant in this time is Boot Camp.

The reason Boot Camp training has stood the test of time is due to it’s simplicity in nature. The formula is simple; results = (basic exercise movements + high intensity).

That’s why all military services adopt this style of training from which Boot Camp is derived. And is why our service men and women are some of the fittest on the planet.

Now there are fundamental movements in Boot Camp and these are some of the simplest to perform but it’s not until they are done correctly do you see/feel the benefits.

In part one we are going to be looking at squats. This is a lower body exercise working all the major muscles of the legs. Great for improving leg drive and endurance and because they recruit so many big muscle groups are a great calorie burner.

How To: -

  1. Standing upright, start with feet positioned a little wider than shoulder width. Arms can be placed across shoulders or straight out in front.
  2. From this position, bend at the knee and sit back through the hips (imagine you are going to sit on a chair), while keeping your back as straight as possible and eyes looking forward.
  3. Lower down as far as you feel comfortable, while maintaining a straight back.
  4. Once lowered position has been reached, stand back up finishing in position 1.

All exercises when starting out should be performed in a smooth and controlled manner ensuring you keep consistent rate of breath throughout.

I hope these tips help and if you would like any more information about personal training or boot camps in the Girraween and Greystanes area, don't hesitate to contact us.

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