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The question I get asked most as a trainer, is “what exercise is best for losing my stomach?” Now there is no one exercise alone that can help you lose your stomach, to do this you need a combination of healthy eating and a variety of exercises not just for the tummy but for the whole body and your best bet is to see us down here @bodyblitzpt in Girraween. #shamelessplug

But still, everyone would like to have a firmer mid-section and there is great benefit for the whole body in working the abdominals directly. Now of all the abdominal movements and machines and gadgets you see advertised on TV, the crunch is THE BEST movement of them all for targeting the abdominal muscles directly.

Basics are always best and that’s why we have named the crunch as one of our Boot Camp fundamentals.

How To: -

  1. Start by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat.
  2. Place your hands on your legs with your arms straight.
  3. Now begin movement by sliding your hands up your legs until your fingers touch the top of your knee cap. At the top of the movement only your shoulders should come off the ground.
  4. Slide hands back down legs until your shoulders are resting back on the ground.

*Tips – we recommend using an exercise mat when performing crunches as it’s a little more comfortable on the back.

Also, be sure to use a slow and controlled movement and at the top of the crunch push your lower back into the mat and hold for 1-2seconds to get a really good abdominal contraction.

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