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What can I say about lunges?! In my opinion, they are a very under-rated leg exercise. They look so simple and easy to perform but when done correctly are one of the most demanding and rewarding of all exercises. In the nearly 10 years of running Boot Camps in the Girraween and Greystanes area I don’t think I have ever got through a session that had lunges in it and been able to walk properly the next day (for anyone who trains regularly, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and that’s a good thing. No other exercise seems to give the quads as much of a burn as lunges.

Not everyone agrees with me on this and the lunge has been getting some bad publicity, particularly the last couple of years and here’s why; they are NOT being performed correctly. Now if you already have bad knees, I would recommend starting out with squats and focus on building up some leg strength before attempting lunges. But if you have healthy knees and you perform lunges correctly you will be in for the mother of all leg burners!

How To: -

  1. Standing upright, start with your feet together. Take one foot a step forward so that you are standing with your feet apart.
  2. Ensure both feet are pointing forward with your back foot having your heal elevated slightly.
  3. From this position, bend your knees and lower your body (imagine you are sliding your back down a wall). Stop when you have a right angle in both knees. (Do NOT touch the ground with your back leg).
  4. Stand back up, finishing in position 2. You’ll have to swap feet to work the other leg.

*Tips – don’t let the knee of your front leg go over the top of your toes as this will increase the stress on the knee joint. And always perform movements in a slow and controlled manner.

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