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Oh the Burpee, everyone’s favourite exercise… NOT! No matter how hard the burpee may be it is probably one of the best exercises you can do in terms of high intensity cardio workouts. At Body Blitz Personal Training Studio in Girraween just over the road from Greystanes, we use the burpee as one of the staple exercises in our Boot Camps to get the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK in terms of high intensity training. The Burpee WILL get you results FAST!! If you’re unsure or don’t believe us come down and give a try it for yourself!

The burpee is one of the more complex exercise to perform, just in the fact that you are combining two exercises together (the push-up and squat) at a high speed.

How to: -

  1. Start standing with your feet under your hips.
  2. Bend down and place hands on the floor slightly in front of your feet.
  3. Kick your feet back until you have landed in the start of your push-up position
  4. Bend your elbows until your chest and thighs touch the floor and push-up back up.
  5. Kick your feet back up so they land behind your hands in a squat position.
  6. Jump up with hands above your head and make them meet in the air.

*Tips – Try your best to land on your heels when kicking your feet back in, this will help the movement feel easier and keeps you balanced.

Also, if you are struggling with the push-up part of the movement, as your pushing up off the ground you don’t need to keep your toes on the ground you can let your knees come down to make the push-up easier.

(Note - if you can do them on your toes they are more efficient and you will be able to perform them faster)

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