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Oh the Burpee, everyone’s favourite exercise… NOT! No matter how hard the burpee may be it is probably one of the best exercises you can do in terms of high intensity cardio workouts. At Body Blitz Personal Training Studio in Girraween just over the road from Greystanes, we use the burpee as one of the staple exercises in our Boot Camps to get the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK in terms of high intensity training. The Burpee WILL get you results FAST!! If you’re unsure or don’t believe us come down and give a try it for yourself!

The burpee is one of the more complex exercise to perform, just in the fact that you are combining two exercises together (the push-up and squat) at a high speed.

How to: -

  1. Start standing with your feet under your hips.
  2. Bend down and place hands on the floor slightly in front of your feet.
  3. Kick your feet back until you have landed in the start of your push-up position
  4. Bend your elbows until your chest and thighs touch the floor and push-up back up.
  5. Kick your feet back up so they land behind your hands in a squat position.
  6. Jump up with hands above your head and make them meet in the air.

*Tips – Try your best to land on your heels when kicking your feet back in, this will help the movement feel easier and keeps you balanced.

Also, if you are struggling with the push-up part of the movement, as your pushing up off the ground you don’t need to keep your toes on the ground you can let your knees come down to make the push-up easier.

(Note - if you can do them on your toes they are more efficient and you will be able to perform them faster)

What can I say about lunges?! In my opinion, they are a very under-rated leg exercise. They look so simple and easy to perform but when done correctly are one of the most demanding and rewarding of all exercises. In the nearly 10 years of running Boot Camps in the Girraween and Greystanes area I don’t think I have ever got through a session that had lunges in it and been able to walk properly the next day (for anyone who trains regularly, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and that’s a good thing. No other exercise seems to give the quads as much of a burn as lunges.

Not everyone agrees with me on this and the lunge has been getting some bad publicity, particularly the last couple of years and here’s why; they are NOT being performed correctly. Now if you already have bad knees, I would recommend starting out with squats and focus on building up some leg strength before attempting lunges. But if you have healthy knees and you perform lunges correctly you will be in for the mother of all leg burners!

How To: -

  1. Standing upright, start with your feet together. Take one foot a step forward so that you are standing with your feet apart.
  2. Ensure both feet are pointing forward with your back foot having your heal elevated slightly.
  3. From this position, bend your knees and lower your body (imagine you are sliding your back down a wall). Stop when you have a right angle in both knees. (Do NOT touch the ground with your back leg).
  4. Stand back up, finishing in position 2. You’ll have to swap feet to work the other leg.

*Tips – don’t let the knee of your front leg go over the top of your toes as this will increase the stress on the knee joint. And always perform movements in a slow and controlled manner.

The question I get asked most as a trainer, is “what exercise is best for losing my stomach?” Now there is no one exercise alone that can help you lose your stomach, to do this you need a combination of healthy eating and a variety of exercises not just for the tummy but for the whole body and your best bet is to see us down here @bodyblitzpt in Girraween. #shamelessplug

But still, everyone would like to have a firmer mid-section and there is great benefit for the whole body in working the abdominals directly. Now of all the abdominal movements and machines and gadgets you see advertised on TV, the crunch is THE BEST movement of them all for targeting the abdominal muscles directly.

Basics are always best and that’s why we have named the crunch as one of our Boot Camp fundamentals.

How To: -

  1. Start by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat.
  2. Place your hands on your legs with your arms straight.
  3. Now begin movement by sliding your hands up your legs until your fingers touch the top of your knee cap. At the top of the movement only your shoulders should come off the ground.
  4. Slide hands back down legs until your shoulders are resting back on the ground.

*Tips – we recommend using an exercise mat when performing crunches as it’s a little more comfortable on the back.

Also, be sure to use a slow and controlled movement and at the top of the crunch push your lower back into the mat and hold for 1-2seconds to get a really good abdominal contraction.

While sitting down to write this blog and thinking where to start, I thought about the history of the push-up and when they were first performed. What I found was very interesting, dating back to ancient times, they were originally called floor-dips while the date for the term floor-dip is unknown. The term push-up in America started being used in as far back as 1905 while the British term of press-up started being used at or around 1928.

That’s a long time for humans to be doing push-ups and there is a reason we still do them today, they are THE BEST movement for upper body strength!

Through the years people have adapted several variations of this movement but before you can progress to these you need to master the original.

At Body Blitz Personal Training Studio, we pride ourselves on teaching correct technique to ensure the exercise is not only safe but effective. Whether it be in a one-on-one personal training setting or to a group participating in one of our Boot Camp classes in Girraween or Greystanes, the teaching remains the same.

How To: -

  1. Starting in a prone position, hands placed flat on the ground and spaced just wider than shoulder width and arms straightened. With either knees placed on the ground or up on the toes (depending on experience).
  2. From this position, slowly lower yourself down until elbows reach a right angle.
  3. Once lowered to this position, straighten your arms until fully extended (imagine you are pushing the ground away). Come all the way up finishing in position 1.

*Tips – ensure you keep your back straight throughout the movement. This is best done by keeping your tummy muscles engaged. If you feel any pain or discomfort in your lower back at any stage, it is usually an indication your core muscles are not engaged. Squeeze your tummy muscles in and start again.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Always use a slow and controlled movement when starting out and avoid holding your breath.

For all other tips or to join one of our awesome Boot Camp classes, click the link to checkout our video tutorial along with variations and progressions to challenge you further.

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As a trainer of more than 12 years and one of the founders of Body Blitz Personal Training Studio we have been providing Boot Camp to the Girraween and Greystanes area for the better part of 10 years. And with every year that goes by a new exercise trend comes and goes but the one that has been a constant in this time is Boot Camp.

The reason Boot Camp training has stood the test of time is due to it’s simplicity in nature. The formula is simple; results = (basic exercise movements + high intensity).

That’s why all military services adopt this style of training from which Boot Camp is derived. And is why our service men and women are some of the fittest on the planet.

Now there are fundamental movements in Boot Camp and these are some of the simplest to perform but it’s not until they are done correctly do you see/feel the benefits.

In part one we are going to be looking at squats. This is a lower body exercise working all the major muscles of the legs. Great for improving leg drive and endurance and because they recruit so many big muscle groups are a great calorie burner.

How To: -

  1. Standing upright, start with feet positioned a little wider than shoulder width. Arms can be placed across shoulders or straight out in front.
  2. From this position, bend at the knee and sit back through the hips (imagine you are going to sit on a chair), while keeping your back as straight as possible and eyes looking forward.
  3. Lower down as far as you feel comfortable, while maintaining a straight back.
  4. Once lowered position has been reached, stand back up finishing in position 1.

All exercises when starting out should be performed in a smooth and controlled manner ensuring you keep consistent rate of breath throughout.

I hope these tips help and if you would like any more information about personal training or boot camps in the Girraween and Greystanes area, don't hesitate to contact us.

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