Corporate Training Packages

Body Blitz Personal Training Studio has been providing corporate training packages in the Parramatta and Blacktown local areas since 2005. With over 30 years combined experience in the health and fitness. We provide a holistic health and wellness package, with the services of qualified Exercise Physiologists, Massage Therapists and Fitness Professionals available for your companies specific needs.

Having worked with Allphones Arena, B.I.C corporate cleaning, ANZ Stadium, Johnson Window Films, Nevco Engineering and Cerebos just to name a few.

Programs are specific to the client's goals, medical and exercise history, physical restrictions and capabilities.

Programs will involve the following:

  • Improving muscular imbalances
  • Functional strength and flexibility
  • Joint stability
  • Balance and co-ordination
  • Core stability
  • Cardiovascular fitness and well-being
  • Correct lifting techniques and manual handling
  • Team building

Prices available via consultation only. Call (02) 9896 6662 for your FREE consultation!