Success Stories
Erika *Disclaimer

I found out about Body Blitz from my physio, after two knee reconstructions, who suggested I try personal training as she couldn't do any more for me. I made a call and came in and had a session with Ryan. I have now been going regularly for over 18 months. At times it is a struggle to get out of bed, (especially in winter), but my motivating factor is that Ryan is there for me. I love the 30 min sessions and find it a good way to start the day. It is now part of my weekly routine, I feel stronger and my knee strength has certainly improved. I can see the benefits and as a 50-year-old woman, going through menopausal changes, it is helping me manage my whole health. I really like Body Blitz because it is a "gym", not a place for people to pose and show off. My Orthopaedic surgeon recently commented how impressed he was with my overall strength, especially around my knees, whereas before there was little to no muscle tone. I would highly recommend you give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can.

Nicole *Disclaimer

A lot of travel for work and poor choices made me feel tired and not motivated at all. I was unhappy with myself and how I looked and felt. I had tried fad diets and ups and downs in exercise but really getting nowhere. In August 2017 I had reached over 80kgs and was depressed and unhappy. I decided I needed to do something and fast. That is when I made the call to Body Blitz. Bryan fitted me in on the same day and I did my first session and booked in for more.

Joining Body Blitz was the best way for me to get back to my former self. I struggled a little at the start, but the constant motivation from my trainer Ben and the rest of the Body Blitz Team and being accountable on the scales each week kept me going. I lost 16kg and was feeling great. I now enjoy going to the gym and training. I now make sure I make the right choices and eat properly and clean, I have the odd cheat meal but overall have a better understanding about food and formed good eating habits. I have been consistent with my training and doing at least 5 sessions at Body Blitz a week and still also enjoying walking the dogs and getting out and about on the weekends.

For me also finding the right trainer was the key. Ben had made feel extremely motivated to get to my goals and I cannot see myself returning to the lazy person I was previously. I feel a lot healthier and my family say I am a much happier person and I even have my parents now training at Body Blitz too!

I am a very competitive person and now motivated to keep fit and healthy. Ben has been great at pushing me hard to achieve success and making me feel like I can achieve my goals. I didn't think I cared what I looked like, but now when I look in the mirror I feel great about the way that I look and have a new wardrobe to boot!

It wasn’t easy at first but persistence really is the key and the Body Blitz team really do support you and take an interest in making sure get the best results.

Phoebe *Disclaimer

I committed to the Body Blitz Shape-Up Challenge 100%. In only 29 days I lost 5cm off my waist and 2.4kg! But I don’t focus on numbers because I can feel that I’m stronger and leaner than ever. I’ve improved my strength and have gone from 8kg kettlebell swings up to now swinging the 24kg.

Thanks to all the trainers at Body Blitz for pushing me every single class and putting up with my eye rolls.

Josie *Disclaimer

Josie lost 13.5cm and 7.1kg in ONLY 8 weeks on our Shape-up Challenge.

Jean *Disclaimer

Jean lost 9.5cn and 4.9kg in ONLY 8 weeks on our Shape-Up Challenge. It doesn't sound like a lot but as the picture shows it's a huge difference.  

Julieanne *Disclaimer

After giving birth to my daughter (9.6.2009) I topped the scales at 114kg, being my largest weight ever. A year on I was still over 100kg (10.10.2010). These are the photos that I could not face up to. I cringed every time I saw them and still turned a blind eye to my image. I began to eat better foods and over a year some weight dropped off, little bits at a time. I managed to get my weight down to 90kg, but it wasn’t enough. In March 2012 I decided to join Body Blitz Boot Camp Classes, since March this year I have managed to lose 12kg now weighing 78.7kg (30.07.12), with a combined weight loss of 35.3 kg. I feel great and fitter than ever. I still have a good 10kg to lose until I reach my goal weight but thanks to the help of Body Blitz staff especially Mark and Bryan I am very determined to get there!

KAHLIA *Disclaimer

Has currently lost 17kg and is more determined than ever to achieve her goals.

DANYELLE *Disclaimer

Lost a total of 10kg and over 25cm in body measurements.

Natalie *Disclaimer

"After having a baby 9 months ago and getting to the heaviest weight of my life, I thought I would never enjoy my body again! But then I began personal training with Matt Taylor. With his guidance, encouragement, motivation, and unique work out styles - I am down 23 kgs, and am back into size 10 jeans! The weightloss was inevitable after recieving a realistic healthy eating regime that I can maintain for life, an exercise program, and my weekly session with Matt. I'm eternally greatful to Matt for helping me get my body back! Thanks Body Blitz!"

Lauren *Disclaimer

Lauren has lost an incredible 51cm in body measurements and 7.9kg!

Andrew *Disclaimer

Andrew to date has lost 36.5cm in body measurements and 10.3kg.

Amy *Disclaimer

"I have lost a total of 30kg with healthy eating, portion control and hard training .

The team at Body Blitz have helped me so much through my journey, the weigh in’s and measure up's I find are very helpful. The team are always friendly, supportive and train you hard.

Thanks guys for helping me along my journey!"

Jamie *Disclaimer

"I lost an incredible 12.5kg and 38cm in body measurements in 16 weeks"

Cassandra *Disclaimer

"A lifestyle of too much wine and too little exercise had me tip the scales at nearly 80kg. After 12 weeks of training at Body Blitz, I lost 11kgs and over 45cm of fat! Almost a year later, I’m still following the diet and exercise programs that were set for me and now have lost over 21kgs. Initially I just wanted to lose weight, I never expected to enjoy the exercise so much!"

Danny *Disclaimer

"With the trainers at Body Blitz, I lost an incredible 19kgs and totally reshaped my body in 16 weeks. I definitely recommend them."

Elizabeth *Disclaimer

"I have improved my confidence and self esteem immensely since working out. The trainers really push you hard and make you feel welcome at each and every class."


Craig *Disclaimer

"The trainers at Body Blitz have provided me with the personalized and knowledgeable training experience I was seeking. They have helped greatly with my rehabilitation to a point where I am stronger and confident more than ever"