My journey with Body Blitz started in January 2016 when my good friend Gemma and I decided we wanted to join a gym as a way to deal with our new work roles. We left a message on the Body Blitz website and no joke Bryan called us 15 minutes later to book us in for a trial PT session the next day. We started with attending 2 PT sessions a week and did that for nearly two years. When I first started I could barely run up and back to the yellow pole without stopping to catch my breath.

In November 2017, we decided to take part in the Shape Up team challenge. It was through that challenge I learnt how much processed food I had been buying, even though I thought I was “eating a healthy diet.” The challenge also gave us the opportunity to try the classes. This is where I discovered my love for a boxing class, even though at times my coordination gets the better of me! Through sticking to the challenge requirements our team won the challenge!

This win sparked a fuel inside me and a determination to keep going as I realised I it was a lifestyle I could stick to. I also realised the importance of meal prepping and how it makes my week run a lot more smoother if I’m prepared with what I am going to eat for the week. I train twice a week at the gym and complete a workout session over the weekend at home. Since November 2017, I have lost a total of 17kg!

I will be eternally grateful to our awesome trainers who are supportive, caring, push you to your limits and remind you how you LOVE to complete burpees! Since attending the classes I have formed friendships with other members and love the supportive nature that everyone encourages each other to be our best as well as celebrating individual achievement.

Thank you to the team at Body Blitz!