I wanted to share my journey after having my 3rd baby in July 2017 where I had gained around 28 kilos with the pregnancy. I ate everything in sight and was overweight & unhealthy.

After giving birth, I was down 10kilos but I still had a whopping 18 kilos to lose. I had managed to lose 2-4 kilos on my own with breastfeeding & walking but I struggled with motivation, consistency as well as keeping my sugar cravings under control. It became too hard to progress on my own.

In March 2018, I finally got the courage to come back to Body Blitz and at that time I still had 16 kilos to lose. I was embarrassed to come back to group training being overweight but thankfully I managed to convince my gym buddy Jenni Harrington to come back with me. We both did a 4 week Shape up challenge to start with & I lost 4 kilos which was excellent motivation to keep going!! I started training at Body Blitz 3-4 times per week, wherever possible. If I couldn’t get to the gym, I took the baby for a pram walk for one hour.

Since March 2018, I have lost a total of 10 kilos and completed 3 half marathons (something that I thought would take me more than one year to achieve).

Tomorrow I return to work after 15 months of maternity leave (yikes!) but I feel strong fit and healthy.

Thank you to Bryan Teodoruk for motivating me to come back. Thank you to Ben Dillon for being a super cool trainer. A special thanks to Jenni Harrington for keeping me on track each and every week despite life’s challenges.

I hope that my story motivates people in their fitness journey. I know it’s hard for women to come back to training after having a baby, so I hope my story helps them overcome their fears and insecurities. We can all achieve greatness given the right support & motivation.